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Theodore Mikhailov
Theodore Mikhailov

3 Meters Above The Sky 2 Watch Online English

in the last two weeks, i have been studying the course syllabus and reading the materials for the class. i am taking this class for my major and for my minor, and i am taking it because i enjoy english. although i have no experience in teaching before, i have been trying to learn everything i can. so far, the course has been really interesting to me. in the next couple of weeks, i will be able to publish my class blog and share with the world.

3 meters above the sky 2 watch online english


this course will introduce students to the development of the english language, starting with the earliest written sources, the bible and old english. students will be introduced to several of the key developments in the english language that have changed it from its original spoken form. students will also learn about the development of the english language over time, from the period before shakespeare and chaucer and through the development of modern english. modern english will be studied in the context of its development in a particular group of countries, primarily the u.s., u.k., and australia.

this course examines the greek and latin tradition in english literature from chaucer to shakespeare, and their literary influence on later english literature. it examines the common features of these literary cultures, and the ways in which they have changed english literature. it also examines the role of english literature in the formation of the modern english language.

this course will examine and analyze literary works of the british isles, focusing on their historical development and critical reception. the course will present a history of the island's literature from early to contemporary. the course will include a chronological overview of english literature, with emphasis on literature written in the present day, with attention to both british and irish literature. the course will also cover the literary movements and movements that have influenced the literature of the island. students will be expected to read primary source material on the course.


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