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Theodore Mikhailov
Theodore Mikhailov

Gulzar E Qadeer Book 55

Just because the book was written like 150 years ago, that doesn't make it genuine. Crooks and liars exists in every era. May be this will was not written completely by Abdul Qadir (RA). How come arabs and iraqis are not aware of this?. Can you provide a reference of an arab alim or iraqi alim regarding this will?.2nd Malik

gulzar e qadeer book 55

Just to add and publicize an academic fact about the leader of this time (Imam Mahdi) ,according to Bukhari and other books of authentic Ahadees ,He will be a pious leader ,just a pious leader.its mere call for trouble for UMMAH ,that we have attached certain elements with his personality (intentionally or unintentionally Allah knows better )that we should not.This thought has been invoked by the lectures of AARIF ,Prof Ahmed rafiq akhtar in my mind and i then consulted Hadees books.AND found that he is right that Mahdi will be the pious leader of his time ,nothing more or less (as claimed by different sects ,as for ,spiritual powers ,every great leader ,who fought for the name of ALLAH ,has been bestowed with this gift be it UMAR ,KHALID BIN WALEED ,NOOR UDDIN ZANGI etc )In Islamic History ,the rightly guided Caliphates ,Leader were not some ORDINARY folks ,they were true picture of ILM O AMAL or combination of KNOWLEDGE OF HAQ AND ACT OF ALLAH S SLAVE ,and the same will be our next LEADER IMAM Mahdi.I have wrote this ,just to invoke a thought in reader ,if some one comes to read with the hope of finding TRUTH rather justifying older beliefs.Allah Bless us ameen.

@ Anonymous:Brother, there is NO Hadees regarding Imaam Mahdi AHS in Bukhari Shareef! Where have you found the hadees in Bukhari about Imaam Mahdi AHS?? There are approximately 182 Ahadees compiled in the other famous Hadees books. Tirmidi has alot of Hadees in connection to Imaam Mahdi AHS. Imaam Bukhari RA has also expressed that his book is in no way a total compilation of Ahadees.Secondly, Imaam Mahdi will indeed be a very special and exalted leader, have no mistake about it. Allah SWT will teach him of all knowledge by the same method that is exclusive to Prophets only! this alone says mountains about the powers of Imaam Mahdi AHS. He will be in control of Angels and jinns and the elments of the earth. He is the personification of Rasool Allah SAW! How can one even dare to see him as an ordinary human being brother. This is a fatal error endangering Emaan itself! be weary!And who said that Rasool Allah SAW was an ordinary human being Naozobillah?!?!? get your facts in order brother.@ Faqar:Brother, this post is too difficult to understand ? and I'm dying with anticipatrion to understand it! can you translate it in English please?You are right about respect brother, it is the core of Ishq and Ishq is the epicentre of Islam!May Rasool Allah SAW guide us in these aspects. Ameen. regards, warrior

@AnonymousYes dear, This book is available in hard copy also, You can buy it from any Islamic books store. This book is very famous book in Saints. I already have this book in hard form but as it is already uploaded on Internet by some brother so Please read from there. Its better to buy your own.

jenab-maan mehaz itafaq ki baat hai ke main is site par aya darasal "Haqeeqat-e-gulzar sabr" mery jad-e-amjad ki likhi hovi hai or is faqeer k pass ap ki or bi tasanif hain ye unka karam hai ke faqeer hazrat-e-mashooq Alahi ki tasanif ki darso-tadress me laga rehta haijenab-man Q k ye kitab tamam batni maktoobat se likhi gaie hai too is me ajzat parney ki sahrt hai taky is ke raz batni qari pe khol sakay

im iftikhar ahmad from hafizabad,pakistan.main nay ye book 20 marta pari hay.har martaba is ka maza alaida hay. laikan sirf wo parh sakta hay jis ko is silsla say piar hay .main nay buhat mushkal say ye hasal ki.jis kay aik aik lafaz main piar,muhabat,asrar,paish khabrian,alm e roya, alm e lahut,nasut,wahdiat,ahdiat,ahlabait,shajrajat,hakumat zahri ,batni par ki gai hay is ka sat mazid hazrat shah hussan R A ki baqi kutab bhe parnay hain ,maslan kahaij ghadash

Based on literary, cultural, and historical importance, this list tries to present some of the most remarkable works in Urdu. It is not limited to literature and includes books on history, culture, philosophy and religion. Readers may, of course, disagree and make their own lists. The list is not in order of preference.


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