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[S2E8] Sleeping With The Enemy

MEREDITH: [narrating] "For extra credit, Mrs. Snyder used to make us act out all the parts. Sal Scafarillo was Romeo. As fate would have it, I was Juliet. Most of the girls were green with envy. I wasn't. I told Ms. Snyder that Juliet was an idiot. For one thing, she falls for the one guy she knows she can't have... Everyone thinks it's so romantic: Romeo and Juliet, true love... how sad. If Juliet was stupid enough to fall for the enemy, drink a bottle of poison, and go to sleep in a mausoleum, then she deserved everything she got."

[S2E8] Sleeping with the Enemy


Later on, Morgana goes to Morgause's chambers to introduce herself: however, Morgause claims to know who she is and notices Morgana is tired. When she asks, Morgana admits she's been having troubles sleeping lately. When Morgana asks if they have ever met, Morgause denies this, but asks to be remembered fondly and offers Morgana the bracelet she wears as a gift, saying it has healing powers and will help with her nightmares: Morgana refuses the gift. That night Morgause leaves the bracelet beside Morgana's bed while she sleeps and casts a spell. Morgana wakes the next morning, having slept better than she has in a long time.

Later that day, Gaius goes to give Morgana her sleeping draught, only to find her condition better, thanks to Morgause's bracelet. He later goes to Uther, telling him that the bracelet is marked with the emblem of the House of Gorlois, and save for Morgana, only one other would wear such a thing: her half-sister. Gaius confesses he had smuggled her out of Camelot as a baby and given her to the High Priestess of the Old Religion, who will have likely trained Morgause in great and powerful magic: he also explains he never spoke of it because of a solemn oath, which he is breaking only because he fears Morgause's intentions.

Soon after, Spear, Fang and Kamau are dragged by the Egyptians into more battles against other peoples in far off lands, plundering a Qing Dynasty city in the Far East, an Early Slavic settlement and a Greco-Roman city. After each battle the trio return to the Colossaeus injured and thus must tend to their wounds in a large bathing room. After one particular battle, which leaves them filling the bath with blood, the Colossaeus is under siege by a naval army of Philistines. Despite their best efforts the Philistines are overpowered by Fang charging in, Spear's superior agility and reflexes, Kamau's sheer brute force, as well as the Egyptians' cannonballs shot from a ballista. The enemy ship is burned and sinks into the sea as the Colossaeus continues its journey.

In Yellowstone style, he answers with a cryptic response about how his father used to tell him about defending the ranch and he never believed it until now. Monica tells him the ranch isn't a home; it's a "giant Alamo." He tells her he'll live off the ranch if she wants him to. You know, a lot of this season has revolved around sleeping arrangements - people moving out of the house into the bunkhouse and vice versa, etc.

Inside the cave, it is recommended to stick to Rox as you might get lost in the darkness. Follow the passage and fight off any foes you encounter. Once you reach into a huge golden cavern, hug the left wall and walk by some stools and steins and a bristle-burn bush until you reach an area where you find a memory seed location by a sleeping sack. Interact with the memory location to enter Caithe's memory of the place. As Caithe, talk to Wynne to learn about the sylvari's secret. You can explore the cavern before or after planting the memory seed and find a magical artifact by the sand-filled gate or five mysterious rings across a pool of water at the north side of the cave.

This week's episode of Poldark contained a scene that was controversial even before it had aired. It sees Aidan Turner's Ross arrive at former lover Elizabeth's (Heida Reed) house Trenwith in the middle of the night, furious at the news that she has agreed to marry his arch enemy George Warleggan. An impassioned conversation ensues during which Ross lays hands on Elizabeth and forces her to kiss him before they eventually end up in bed together.

Mordecai and Rigby are playing a new side-scrolling beat 'em up game in which a heroic duo have to try and stop a villainous gang. After fighting past a tough enemy, they face the final boss: The Hammer. He is powerful enough to take off one of Mordecai and Rigby's lives with a single punch, and things look hopeless until the duo discover his weakness, which is being hit with furniture. Just as they're about to win, the TV goes black, and the picture only returns when Mordecai thumps the TV. Rigby tries beating the Hammer solo, but he struggles doing so, and pauses the game.

Pub-loving pensioners Jack and Victor are set for a headache, as the hit Scottish comedy returns.In the first of a new six-part series, the adventurous oldies risk the mother of all hangovers when they win a trip to a posh whisky distillery, complete with an endless supply of free samples. And fellow OAP Winston looks like losing out to old enemy Stevie the bookie - until racing expert John McCririck arrives to give him a few betting tips.

In a packed movie theater, Cat and Dog are watching the movie Mean Bob in Space: Part 12 for the 73rd time. Dog is excited to see it again but Cat is tired of seeing the movie all over again and him eating a spicy snack. The movie starts with Dog recalling his favorite moments on the screen but Cat wears a sleeping mask instead of watching the movie.

Soon Cat has an idea to attempt to cut the film reel by snipping it with his claws. When he try to do cut the film he and Dog were accidentally sucked into the reel and entered the movie itself. They entered Mean Bob's space ship, which wondered the audience with "new footage". Cat and Dog greeted Mean Bob while he is interfered by them. Cat tries to find an exit out of the space ship but instead he ejected Mean Bob out of his ship by accident, which made him killed into a star. Dog criticized Cat for his actions, with Cat replying him that there will be no Mean Bob in Space: Part 13. Cat still figures out to escape by leaving the ship while holding his breath but went to the camera lens to the amazement of the audience. Dog found out that aliens known as the Salivians were chasing after Mean Bob's ship. Dog attacks the enemy ships while Cat told Dog that the whole scene is not real. Cat's top part of his head is shot and is knocked to a character next to Dunglap, who is seeing it for the 74th time. Cat told Dog to leave from the movie but in a screen in front of him, an alien named Princess Kitaen requests her rescue from the Salivians in Big Kipper Asteroid. Since Cat is charmed by her appearance, Cat promise to rescue her. Soon Salivian ships have ambushed CatDog and attack the ship. Cat told Dog to attack but they ran out of ship ammo, but Cat found Red Hot Lip Smackers that Dog could use as ammunition. Cat swallowed the hot snack and used Dog to shoot hot projectiles at the ships. Having the Salivans destroyed and retreating, Cat and Dog are victorious and proceeded to Big Kipper Asteroid.

Abigail chats with Scylla. She asks Scylla really thinks Raelle is going to forget her history just because she's a big hero now. They bicker, but then Raelle asks to see Scylla alone, saying that they have stuff to deal with. The two of them discuss Raelle's mother, Willa. Raelle is upset that she never reached out to her, but Scylla tells her that she sacrificed herself for her. Raelle wonders what it says about her that the two women who have loved her most are terrorists who did terrible things. Scylla asks her if it helps that they were doing what they believed to be right. Raelle questions the past tense and Scylla admits that her priorities have shifted, saying that Raelle's mother showed her the way. She tells Raelle that the Camarilla are the real enemy who matter now. Meanwhile, Abigail and Adil discuss his situation. He says that he keeps trying to tell himself that what he and his sister Khalida did was right, but he's having trouble sleeping. Abigail tells him to hang on to the fact that he and Khalida saved innocent children, but he finds it cold comfort. A helicopter arrives. Raelle tells Scylla that she should probably make herself scarce, but Scylla replies that she's not running again.

In the last episode, Van Helsing bit Miller on the neck and turned him back into a human. However, his heart stopped for a short period of time which worried the group. He regained consciousness a while later. In a sudden twist of events, a mysterious group kidnapped Van Helsing and took her to their helicopter and escaped. Harker and the group were knocked out with a sleeping gas.

While no longer entombed, Voleth Meir still wished for a way back home and so sought out and possessed Ciri as she made her way to Kaer Morhen with Jaskier. Once in the keep's safety, Voleth Meir took hold, putting Ciri under a delusion of her past life in Cintra's court while the demon began to make its way through the keep, silently killing the sleeping witchers. However, as she went to kill Vesemir, Geralt and Yennefer appeared and Geralt realized while it was Ciri's body, Voleth Meir was possessing her. The demon ran off to the Great Hall and the surviving witchers soon found her and prepared for a fight. 041b061a72


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