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Vatanyachi Bhaji Recipe In Marathi ((FULL))

  • Late last night I read Indira's post on Bloggers and Beans and it brought to mind a very special friendship that developed because of my lemon pickle. We met, we shopped together, we cooked together and we have a very wonderful relationship that we are all very comfortable with. Sometimes we don't talk or correspond for several weeks, only to pick up the phone to ask for a recipe or to ask for directions to that store that one of us mentioned fleetingly in a conversation months ago. Or to simply catch up. Sometimes we pick up things that we remember the other wanted, even when we are on a business trip thousand miles away from home. Lee brought me these wonderful black pearls from Dallas because she remembered...Thank you, Lee!I also have some very vocal how could I not post this recipe again? Just for them?Chitkya ani Kalya Vatanyachi BhajiCluster Beans with Dried Black PeasHave a dear friend lug you a packet of kale vatane from a thousand miles away

  • Look at them longingly, touch them, enjoy their color and texture

  • When you have had enough of visual pleasure and gustation becomes imminent, soak 1/4 cup kale vatane overnight, in at least twice the amount of water

  • Wash the kale vatane and cook them in a pressure cooker with at least 1/2 cup water for 2-3 whistles. If you skip soaking them, you need to cook them in the pressure cooker for at least 8-10 whistles. I recommend the former as you will be doing your bit for our overheated planet

  • Make Chitkyachi Bhaji, a bhaji that is always on the menu on auspicious occasions in our family, including shraddha.

How can I not send this to Nupur for her RCI - Maharashtrian Cuisine? I have to! If you're still grumbling about recipe redux, consider this: how could a post about friends not be about nostalgia? Even Indira's recipe was revisited. So there!

vatanyachi bhaji recipe in marathi


The President arrives. The Secretary can't be far behind. Welcome! You mean we can get authentic Indian ingredients in the US but you can't get them there? And, no! There is no shortage because of exports so just don't even go there! I don't think these are heard of outside of Maharashtra and Goa. My aunt was telling me the recipe of kalya vatanyachi amti but I was too busy with the gutli from the sasav she had made. I need to find sweet-tart mangoes to make sasav. Don't waste your Hapoos on sasav. Chill it, slice it and eat it and watch it go right to your hips! :-DMy sister was telling me how North Indian mangoes are making their way to Bombay now. She spoke of Dussehri and how it's not quite Hapoos but is sugary-sweet and pretty good. She said it finally looks like Maharashtrians are expanding their horizons beyond Hapoos. She also said that the choicest Hapoos still goes to the Middle East, not the US. She must have insider connections. But I think that this influx of North Indian mangoes into Bombay is going to create a shortage in Delhi. Muahahahaha! 350c69d7ab


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