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Marble games are always played by people of all ages. You just have right point to attack and destroy as many marbles as you can decrease the amount of it. It's up to you how many players you are playing within the junglemarble blast game, it could be 2 to 30. A player should have the right point to hit on. If you want to be a pro in this game then you have to hit the line anywhere from 10 to 30 meter, it also depends on your choice how you want to play. As all the marbles are left the game will be restarted and let the player win as much as they can.

A classic shoot 'em up (or shooter) game. Shoot colored marbles to match 3 or more and clear the board to reach the exit. The board is a labyrinth, the path is long and full of obstacles, so the aim is to shoot the marbles as fast as possible.

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You will be faced with many different levels, full of challenging obstacles and rich graphics. Shoot colored marbles until you clear the board and reach the exit. There are lots of different power-ups in the game. You can use bombs, color bombs, and meteorites to clear the board and get through the maze more quickly.

Right after you installed the Android emulator, you may also use the APK file in order to install Jungle Marble Blast for PC either by clicking on apk or by opening it via BlueStacks emulator for the reason that a number of your chosen Android apps or games are usually not found in google play store they do not follow Program Policies. If choose to go with Andy to free download and install Jungle Marble Blast for Mac, you may still follow the exact same steps at any time.

Give yourself a break and enjoy blasting marble with the Jungle Marble Blast. In this game, you will need to match 3 marbles or more of the same color, creating a magic blast and making the marbles pop. This can be very challenging, however, you can unlock 5 pet friends as you go through each level, guiding you to your game.

Here's some of what vc is missing and could be: operation wolf- ninja warriors- bubble bobble- space invaders- rainbow islands- outrun- pitfall- pitfall II- river raid- kaboom- megamania- freeway- asteroids- tempest- Qbert- popeye- cobra triangle- centipede - millipede - Missle command- yars revenge- nights into dreams- jet set radio- Daytona USA- sega rally champ.- zoo keeper- zaxxon- Congo bongo- jungle hunt- star castle- dragons lair I&II- space ace- frogger- scramble- time pilot- super cobra- pooyan- spy hunter- marble madness- defender- joust- robotron 2084- crazy taxi- Ecco the dolphin- house of the dead 1,2,3,4- gauntlet I&II- virtua cop 1&2- virtua racing- virtua fighter 2- virtua tennis- World Series baseball- arkanoid- hydro thunder- San Francisco Rush 2049- paperboy- Raiden- carnival- 1942,1943,1945-gunstar heroes- afterburner - power drift- toe jam & earl- UN Squadron - side arms- black tiger- super breakout- warlords- Seaquest- air/sea battle- Qix- Rtype- galaga 88- rolling thunder 1-3- root beer tapper- phelios- galaxian - rad racer- xybots- primal rage- HERO- NARCS- splatterhouse 1-3, xenephobe- wizard of war- gorf- caveman ninja- secret agent- burgertime - sunset riders- final fantasy series- phantasy star 1-4, shining force series- crusiin USA, crusiin the world, alien crush- devils crush- congo's capers- steel empire- klax- Tetris- plant vs zombies- thunder force series, minecraft- castle of illusion Mickey Mouse- Alex Kidd- Darius twin - super hang on- cadash - sagaia- roadblasters - Road rash- strider - mercs- commando- insector X- musha- columns- battle zone- moon patrol- silent scope- sega GT- Mars matrix- giga wing 1&2- this people, is just a sample of what the virtual console could be!! To me Nintendo is blowing it big time!!! There are THOUSANDS of classics out there. They just have to look & track them down and then open up their damn checkbook!!!! Contact sega! Contact Atari! Contact Warner bros/Midway etc etc!!!

@aaronsullivan allmost all of these titles are easily accessable and shouldn't have license issues and if their is in any way then Nintendo needs to make an effort to secure them. As far as the wii goes vc was available day 1 and we're hitting at the pace of 3-4 a week then and this was way before the wii blasted off to 100 million in sales so I'm sorry I just can't give Iwata nor Nintendo a pass here on this because even though the wii u is a flop(I guess 10 million in sales is for the dogs these days for 3rd parties) there is still no real good excuse for the torturous pace of 1 vc game a week for the better part of the last 2 years!!!. They should really stop being cheap greedy people and add staffing to the vc program to expedite. Lastly what the hell took ANYBODY so long to pose this question to Nintendo anyhow? None of these game sites have asked them for whatever reason and from all places the question came from one of their own investors??But still Nonetheless Iwatas response is a big heaping pile of crap!! Sometimes I don't know who's more full of it him or Reggie!! Sorry....

@aaronsullivan accessible meaning not much effort should be required. I understand the contract thing as I deal with contracts as well as exclusive deals that may come along with them. But my educated guess coupled with my following the industry closely all my life is what's behind that list. Atari, now a small company in NYC of merely 12 employees would love to tap open any revenue stream that comes their way. How do I know? I spoke with them on the phone the old fashion way and they are very interested in spreading their classic IPs around. They can't afford to be exclusive with anyone they're looking to grow and not limit their IP to the Flashback consoles! I wish them well! And none of their games or any on my list would be being unearthed from 40 years ago they've all been utilized in recent times. Taito, whose tons of classic IP is owned be Square Enix, has several vc titles in wii u in japan right now! Midway published the MIDWAY ARCADE ORIGINS not too long ago which was a disc of 30+ classics for the 360/PS3. These games were already published on mobile phones. Activision who unlike Atari doesn't need the money, is always publishing their 2600 classics all over the place. Sega is just being the new Sega not the old Sega of the 90s. Namco has only put out limited classics on wii u here and wii shop prior while they sit on the rest of their classics in which a TON of then were published on the Wii shop in japan but for whatever reason never came to the states! 15 Data East classics in disc were published on wii only a few years ago. Konami seems to just be on the fence and just not interested at all yet a few of their classics are just now starting to appear on PS4! . Capcom while thankfully has been behind wii u is STILL leaving a ton of their games in the vault!? Y?? Finally while many are already aware, many of the turbographx 16 games on my list ,30+ vc titles are already on wii u in japan but not here!! Qbert was just posted on Ps4/One. Colecovision flashback has a bunch of arcade classics on it like jungle hunt & frenzy!! Minecraft I mentioned only cause it just baffles me that the game is on everything save Nintendo formats! Yea there may be a few challenges there like Popeye but majority of titles listed here are obtainable and just takes some effort. I myself do not bother nor have the time to bother with roms or emulaters and I like most avid gamers would rather pay for a legit copy of a game digital or what have you.Sure they're a few gems out there that some joe owns the rights too in say Gary,Indiana but this list was crafted with some thought and realism in mind.As far as Nintendo eating some loses to get this done, we all know the $$ they have. Sometimes you have to spend to earn. Of course were not seeing the numbers but They clearly need to hire more staff to expedite this to AT LEAST DO BETTER than 1 vc game a week!!! And in case you didn't notice, I'm not the only one ragging here! Lol! Enjoy your 4th of July!!

Jungle Marble Blast 3 is a free game for Android users developed by coolstudios. This game is easy to play and truly addictive. The objective of the game is to clear all the marbles before they reach the end of the path while achieving as many Marbles and Combos as possible to get the highest score. With its many levels and new elimination of play, this game provides a huge challenge for players.


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